hours calculator

With the hours calculator you can track your time (e.g. worktime). The hours calculator calculates the total of your working hours. If you enter your hourly rate to the timesheet the hours calculator also calculates your total salary. The hours calculator is the perfect alternative to excel for tracking your time and calculate your total hours.

enter date and times

In the column "date" you can enter whatever you want or leave it empty. No particular format is required. This column is not needed to calculate the hours.

The columns "from" and "till" have to be filled out in one of the following formats:

  • "hours:minutes"
    • 14:30
    • 07:15
    • 7:15
  • "hoursminutes"
    • 1430
    • 0715
  • "hours:minutes am/pm"
    • 02:30 pm
    • 02:30pm
    • 02:30 p.m.
    • 02:30 PM
    • 07:15 am
    • 12:00 am (= midnight)
    • 12:00 pm (= noon)

If you enter a time at "from" which is later than the one you enter at "till", the hours calculator expects that you worked during the night untill the next day (e.g. from 22:00 till 01:00 are 3 hours).

If you have selected a field in the column "date", "from" or "till" you can hit ENTER to enter the current date/time automatically. In the settings you can choose which format will be used for this.


In the column "break" you can enter a break time in minutes. breaks are subtracted from the calculated hours. In the settings you can hide/show the column "break".

time format 1.5h or 1:30min

In the settings you can choose between "1.5" and "1:30" as a format for the calculated hours. "1.5" means hours are displayed as a number with one decimal place. "1:30" means hours are displayed as hours:minutes (e.g. 1 hour and 30 minutes = 1:30). But the selected hours format has no effect on the columns "from" and "till" (see enter date and times).

delete rows

If you hover over a row in the table with your mouse a red delete icon will be displayed on left side of this row. Click on it to delete the according row.

delete row

In the settings you can choose if you have to confirm the deletion of every row. Use this option to avoid deleting a row accidentally.

On devices with a touchscreen and no mouse you can also click on a particular row to make the delete icon appear.


There is a filter feature for the columns "comment" and "tags/keywords". Enter a filter term into the input field and hit ENTER. Now all rows which contain this term are highlighted.

row filter

The filters in the two rows are independant of each other, which means the filter in the column "comment" only refers to the comments in the table an the tags/keyword filter only to the content of the column "tags/keywords".

If some rows are filtered (gray) during saving or exporting, these are not going to be downloaded/exported.

download and import

While you are working with the hours calculator and enter your hours, all changes are saved continuously and automatically in your webbrowser using the HTML5 local storage technique. But this data is only available on the same device and will be deleted if you clear your private data in your browser.

To save the entered hours pemanently click on the download button and choose where to save the file on your computer. If you wan't to look at or edit these hours later, just open the hours calculator and click on the import button to load the hours from this file.

Keep in mind that filtered rows (gray) won't be included in the file when saving (see filters).

export as PDF

You can also export your entered hours as a PDF. This file you can print or e-mail it to your employer or customer for example.

If you show/hide the column "tags/keywords" in the settings this will also affect the PDF.

Keep in mind that filtered rows (gray) won't be included in the PDF when exporting (see filters).

In the PDF the current date will be shown in the bottom left corner of the page. This will be formatted as selected in the settings ("On [Enter] insert date as").

pdf with calculated hours

send as link

If you wan't to edit your hours on different devices the easiest way to do this is with the "send as link" feature. If you click on this button a link will be displayed. With this link you can access your hours from any device. You can also send the link to someone by e-mail so that this person can have a look at your hours or edit them.

An other option to edit your hours on different computers is to download them in a file and move this file in any manner to your other computer. There you can open the hours calculator and load the hours from the file with the import button (see download and import).


The hours calculator is available in different languages. You can choose your language in the upper part of the website.

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